Beauty: these 5 gestures to banish from your daily life that damage your skin

Here are 5 habits against which you must fight to preserve the beauty of your skin!

The skin of the face is particularly fragile because it is very thin in places. In addition, it is permanently exposed to external aggressions. The sun, pollution, certain cosmetics, tobacco and, of course, age precipitate the appearance of imperfections, fine lines and dark spots. To limit these inconveniences, it is imperative to take care of your skin. Today, we are not going to advise you on gare you beautiful. We're going to reveal the harmful effects of certain habits that we all incorporate into our facial care routine!

Beauty mistake No. 1: going to bed without removing makeup

There are evenings when fatigue gets the better of our good resolutions. Going to bed without removing your make-up must have happened to you before. Know that this gesture is very important for the health of your skin. At night while you sleep, skin cells activate to renew and regenerate. They only succeed if the skin is perfectly clean and the pores unobstructed. If cell regeneration is hampered, you will wake up looking dull and tired. In addition, if it becomes regular, the aging of the skin is likely to accelerate. As for clogged pores, they will generate the formation of blackheads. However, these imperfections are at the origin of the famous acne pimples.

Beauty mistake N°2: skipping sunscreen

Surely you know the effects devastating sun on the skin. Don't think that UV rays are only dangerous at the beach and in the middle of summer. Whether you're walking around town or tanning by the pool, the sun dries out your skin while promoting the proliferation of lira radicals. These devastating molecules attack skin cells. Present in excess in the tissues, they gradually manage to destroy them. Thus, free radicals precipitate the aging of tissues. To preserve the youthfulness and beauty of your skin, do not skip the sunscreen. Choose the protection index according to the risks associated with exposure and the seasons.


Mistake #3: Skipping the moisturizer step

The skin has a natural protective film called hydrolipidic film. This barrier protects the epidermis from external aggressions. But under the effects of cosmetics, sun, wind, pollution, tobacco, age and many more factors, it tends to deteriorate. When this is the case, the skin is no longer protected, the complexion loses its radiance and skin aging accelerates. If you apply yourself to offer a moisturizing and nourishing care to your skin daily, it will be able to restore its hydrolipidic film so as to preserve its balance guaranteeing its beauty and its health.

Mistake No. 4: regularly put your fingers on your face

Touching your face repeatedly throughout the day increases the risk of seeing imperfections appear. Indeed, our hands are often covered with bacteria. As long as you have dilated pores, these microbes will penetrate them. This is how form comedones, the famous blackheads. Subsequently, if the pores remain clogged and bacteria proliferate, an infection occurs and generates the formation of an acne pimple. If you tend to touch your face regularly, fight this little mania without delay to preserve the beauty of your skin!

Mistake No. 5: Rinse your skin with hard water

Scrubs and other beauty gestures often end with rinsing with clear water. But it turns out to be very calcareous in certain regions. If this is the case with you, immediately eliminate this gesture from your beauty routine! Indeed, limestone tends to dry out the epidermis. You therefore risk weakening your hydrolipidic film. Additionally, the skins particularly sensitive can feel attacked by limestone. In this case, they develop an intolerance and red patches appear. The skin irritated may even lose its smoothness and become tingling and itchy. To avoid this, rinse your face with floral water. This natural solution will respect the balance of your skin and offer it multiple benefits!

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