How to choose the right underwear to feel good about yourself?

At NINA PERFECT SKIN, we always favor comfort, lightness, well-being and aesthetics. This is why a large part of our lingerie products are designed to not only boost self-confidence, but also to provide you with a feeling of optimal comfort. 

Whether it's for sports, for work, a special event or for everyday life, comfort also goes through lingerie. Sometimes it is enough to opt for a different material, shape or model to feel more comfortable in our underwear. 

Our experts present our categories of the most comfortable panties, bras and sets from our current collections to help you in your choice.

Seamless panties

We have developed a new collection of seamless panties for your comfort. The so-called matter ice silk is soft, fine, pleasant to wear and adapts perfectly to the morphology. Don't be afraid to feel tight or pudgy anymore, our seamless panties have no elastic band and have fully stretch breathable fabric

A little extra, our models of seamless panties are made to adapt to all sizes and for all types of morphology. There is also something for all tastes and in all shapes: sets, panties, boyshorts, thongs, or high-cut panties. 

Find our seamless sets ice silk at the following link:

Non-wired bras

Who has never had this feeling of freedom and relief when taking off their bra? Indeed, it is not always pleasant to feel too tight or that the underwiring is too prominent at the level of the cups. Bras are supposed to support our breasts, without making us suffer!  

We have just concocted a collection of non-wired bras for the greatest comfort of your breasts. You will find a real feeling of freedom and lightness. Our non-wired bras in flexible material can adjust naturally to your morphology and respect the shape of your chest, while maintaining good support. Don't miss your new favorite bra:

Strapless bras 

The straps of our bras can also cause some discomfort. Opt for our strapless bras, bustiers, push ups, and even our chest stickers to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our collection of strapless bras are also an excellent option for your most complicated outfits, bare shoulders or to  deep neckline

Strapless bras, it's over here:

The lace sets

Contrary to popular belief, the lace is very comfortable to wear. All you have to do is choose the right model and the right size. Some of our lace sets do not have an underwire at the bra level to a real feeling of comfort. Others are seamless, riding a stretchable material and you have the possibility to choose between several different models, according to your personal tastes. Take a quick look at our collection of lace sets:

Menstrual panties 

Of course, our collection of menstrual panties has been specially designed for our monthly periods, but nothing prevents us from presenting them to you, because they are a “must have” in our lingerie today. Super comfortable, riding a cotton, absorbent fabrics et Hypoallergenic, menstrual panties are made to guarantee you a feeling of absolute comfort during periods of menstruation. 

It is quite possible to use a classic protection in addition if you wish, or to wear them alone during the menstrual period, in anticipation of leaks or for any type of flow. The main idea is to be able to ensure une protection optimal and healthy while maintaining a feeling of well-being and ultra comfort.