How to choose the right bra

To help you choose your bra according to your morphology, three lingerie experts review the golden rules to follow. Follow the guide to never make a mistake again in choosing the right bra for your chest.

Knowing your bra size, good advice

Starting with an essential point: the her bra size. Many women wear models that are too small or too big, without necessarily even realizing it. However, this is the starting point for feeling comfortable in your lingerie. 

Detail of the three rules to follow for choose the right bra : "the neckline should not cut off the breast, the underwire should rest well against the skin under the breast, and finally, when you look at yourself in profile, the back should not go up. If this is the case, it you have to take one size less (for example a 90 instead of a 95), if the cup "takes off" under the breast or if the neckline "cuts", you will then have to take one more cup".

Tips for choosing a bra: which model according to your outfit?

The choice of bra will also depend on the outfit. With a tight dress or top : "Nina Perfect Skin underwear is perfectly invisible under clothing. They are real second skins because they are seamless and without reinforcements. Under a transparent blouse, a tight dress or white skinny jeans, they are completely invisible" . 

To to wear a plunging neckline, several options are available to you: "The push-up or padded bra boosts the neckline, especially that of small breasts. For more generous breasts, basket shapes have a nice luscious effect, if the cut lends itself to it and the neckline is sufficiently exposed. 

As for backless tops or dresses, it's towards the bra with removable straps or multiple positions. Models that adapt completely to your outfit and go totally incognito under an open back. 


Which bra models for a natural look?

Today, naturalness is more than ever in the spotlight in lingerie collections. The padded models have given way to alternatives retracing the natural lines of the chest, while raising it slightly to sublimate it. 


Which bra for large breasts? 

When you have a D, E, F cup or more, the chosen bra must combine support and comfort. A combo which, fortunately, is more and more easily found in lingerie collections. If the minimizer bra, whose action consists in minimizing the volume of the chest, is often sought after by large breasts, it is far from being the only candidate. 

However, the news lingerie trends less encasing like the bralette for example, are not totally to be avoided, on the contrary. "It's a trend that comes from the fact that underwear is also worn on top. No restriction for large breasts, today with all the shapes offered, the bralette adapts to everyone".

Another ubiquitous trend for several seasons now: the bodysuit. Again, by choosing the right model, those with a generous chest can wear it without fear of loss of support. "We recommend favoring bodysuits with necklines worked in shells or with a seam under the chest, the roundness of the breast will be more emphasized".

Bra for small breasts: the models to adopt

Those who make a small beanie can turn to the non-wired bras, which will offer comfort and light support. To enhance the bust, bras that are padded just at the level of the underwire will create a nice push-up effect. 

More and more women who don't particularly need support or who want to completely free themselves from wearing a bra are opting for the no bra trend. Some also opt for small accessories such as silicone nipple covers or adhesive shells. 

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