Our Story


Nina is the story of all women.

At NinaPerfectSkin, we want above all to allow all women to be able to feel beautiful and good in their clothes, whatever their size and morphology.

It is because we believe that everyone should be able to flourish and love their body, far from the dictates of fashion, that we have chosen to offer all women personalized solutions.

The project was born on a winter evening 5 years ago, around a drink with friends. We had come together to make preparations for my mother's wedding, which was taking place the following spring.

I had already spotted the backless dress that I was going to wear for this occasion. A friend of mine asked me what underwear I was going to wear with this dress. So I had to make a choice between wearing a bra that was going to be visible or not wearing one at all. Neither of the two solutions suited me, so that was the trigger for me.

A few months later, NinaPerfectSkin was created with the first range of lingerie that adapts to all outfits, whether bare back, high cut or even transparent.

A year later, a friend of mine joined me in this adventure. It is a joy today to be able to share with them what has become a real passion. We sincerely hope that you will find your happiness on our shop and we thank you very much for your support in this adventure.