Designed around the universe of the bride, the Nina Perfect Skin lingerie and jewelry collections meet all desires and all budgets.

Wearing lingerie that knows how to be discreet at her mother's wedding was the trigger for the creation of Nina Perfect Skin. " By launching my online store, my idea was to offer lingerie allowing all women, whatever their morphology, to feel good about themselves on a daily basis; a lingerie to wear all the clothes they want says its founder. Initially, therefore, the brand's bras were mainly seamless, strapless, in short invisible. They quickly became emulated by brides-to-be who acclaimed them for their open back version, ideal for wearing their dress, but also their size (cups go up to G, 4XL) and their impeccable support.


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The French lingerie brand offers for sale a complete catalog of bras, panties, and sets with harmonious and invisible lines.


Behind the creation of Nina Perfect Skin, there is above all the passion and convictions of its founder. Wishing to create a brand that offers lingerie that can be worn with discretion, elegance and sobriety, she launched Nina Perfect Skin in 2017. “My challenge is to offer women lingerie collections that adapt to all outfits. whether bare back, high cut or even transparent,” she explains. It is driven by this philosophy coupled with creative know-how that the brand has launched various lines in which there are now around a hundred items.



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In order to respond to problems frequently encountered by women, Nina Perfect Skin is a brand that designs discreet lingerie, suitable for all outfits and all body types.


"We don't realize we need it, until the day we need it"

Nina Perfect Skin was born from a personal need, finally met by many women. While preparing her outfit for her mother's wedding, the founder of the brand realized that her bare back would be marred by the fastening of her bra. This observation, so many women have encountered it! It is therefore to respond to these issues that Nina Perfect Skin was born, with a range of practical lingerie, which allows you to wear all types of clothing: dress or bare back top, strapless top, plunging neckline, crop top, etc. . “We don't realize we need it until the day we need it,” says the brand's founder, knowingly. Thus, in order to respond to a late reaction before an event, the brand can deliver within 48 hours in France and Belgium.